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DALL-E grnrrálási beállítások

  1. Art Styles Impressionism: Soft brush strokes, focus on light and its changing qualities. Surrealism: Dream-like scenes with illogical, fantastical arrangements. Cubism: Abstracted forms, viewed from multiple angles simultaneously. Art Nouveau: Elegant, flowing lines, often inspired by natural forms. Expressionism: Distorted reality to evoke moods or ideas. Minimalism: Simple, pared-down design elements. Abstract Art: Non-representational, focuses on colors and shapes. Gothic: Medieval inspired, often with religious or moral themes. Baroque: Grandeur, drama, and rich, deep color. Futurism: Emphasizes speed, technology, and dynamic motion. Pop Art: Bright, bold colors, inspired by popular culture. Neo-impressionism: Pointillism technique, small distinct dots of color. Fauvism: Wild, often unnatural colors. Dadaism: Absurdity, irony, and non-traditional media. Art Deco: Symmetrical, geometric patterns, often glamorous. Rococo: Ornate, light, and playful decoration. Constructivism: Ab

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